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Everything in the world is part of our nature.
Jaminkyung was founded with people who search for satisfactory condition for the future. Honesty management based on trust and confidence, value management that considers human and environment as the best elements, quality first thinking that serves with product rather than showy ad slogan, and eco-friendly company culture are Jaminkyung’s unyielding beliefs.


Jaminkyung believes that our body is part of nature, therefore, our product should follow this belief too. We introduce high quality natural products that our body could relax and keep healthy.

Best ingredients

We Exclude low-grade ingredients that could reduce the total price. We try to maintain the best quality even though prime cost changes.

Safe & trusty products

We produce our products through 26 rigid phases & censorial technology, therefore, customers could use our product with trust.

Telling the truth

We introduce our product only by quality, not by showy ad slogan or image. We try to do our best by making excellent quality, so customers choose our items even though we don’t release an advertising campaign.

Jaminkyung Identity


Jaminkyung Means & Logotype

We have a valuable company philosophy to make our world as the better place. We try to do our best to be a respectable corporation based on honesty and trust of our customers.

孜 이끌(자) : Ja means ‘to draw’. We consider effort as a prime value and share it with others.

珉 보배(민) : Min means ‘treasure’. Rock needs time to be a beautifully shaped stone, we try to prepare noble values.

耕 경작할 (경) : Kyung means ‘to cultivate’. We try to realize the better future like farmers harvest good produces from their land at the end of the season.

Our History


Company History


Start a business on 8 April 2004
Launched 5 different Gokmul Care goods
Gokmul Care, received application of trademark
Certificated maleficence test (KTR)


Famous organic store ‘Orga’ starts to sell Jaminkyung’s product
Succeed in extraction of the active component from mixed grain


Export to Hong Kong
Technical MOU with SoonCheonHyang Univ
Launched dp’s


Technical cooperation with Japan Mokugen, launched CZENCO
Obtain a patent ‘Moisturizing & whitening effect by natural grain component’
Open a Jaminkyung’s spa ‘Skin & Body Centre’
Developed natural antiseptic system
Launched natural antiseptic product, Gokmul Care Hair


Launched Elin Mago brand


Certified ISO 9001
Launched fermented grain cosmetic Phytozyme
Launched RAZEM brand
Launched Ecorgarnic brand
Launched Flustop antiseptic hand wash
Launched Gokmul Whitening Care on CJ TV home shopping


Launched Nutree Crema Caracol
Started to sell in Shinsaege department store


Launched Nutree Synake line
Export to Japan
Started to sell in Japanese drug store
Started to sell in Watson’s, Olive Young
Started You-up mail order business
Started to sell in Yatocosme offline store


Launched Nutree Maccole
Participated in Hong Kong Cosmoprof
Being sold in Hong Kong SaSa


Had a contract with Hong Kong Watson’s
Participated in Gwangzou, Shanghai exhibition, Hong Kong Cosmoprof
Obtain a Chinese health inspection certificate
Launched 5 new Maccole lines


Started to sell in Hong Kong Sweetmay
Stared to sell in Lotte duty free shop
Being sold in Hong Kong SaSa online
Launched 5 new Crema Caracol Premier line products, Launched 2 different new Gokmul Care products, Donated merchandises to Hong Kong poverty class


Being sold in China ‘Fengqu.com’ site
Being sold over 154 countries through ‘Koreanmall.com’ site


Launched new brands: Crema Cacao, Le Mien, Dr. Skinica, Mom Anne Hong Sam, Loss Zero

Current affair

Award/ Distribution/ Abroad



Selected as an excellent company with hot seller item



Selected as a top best sales item



Selected as ‘the most trusted 10 brands’



Selected as a best sales product, Crema Caracol Original



Achieved 2 million export sales
Received HWB award ‘best product of the year’



Crema Caracol Original cream achieved 2million sales quota
Received Watson’s HWB award ‘Best product of the year’ in a row.



Crema Caracol Cream achieved 3 Million Sales

1% of miracle, HAPPY SPOON

Small but strong company that shares with others & respects donation culture.

1% of miracle, Happy spoon

Small but strong company that shares with others & respects donation culture. Jaminkyung use 1% profit of sales as a Happy spoon fund. We support various projects such as restoring a single mom’s dream project, briquette delivery to the economically challenged population project, support for North Korean defectors project etc. We continue these beautiful relays as yet.

Donation for poverty class in Hong Kong

HKCSS (The Hong Kong Council of Social Service) released their report that economically challenged population in Hong Kong reached 116.1million in 2012. Jaminkyung donated their own merchandises with no charge through joint event with KOTRA. Therefore, Jaminkyung received a letter of appreciation from them.

‘Hope seed’ planting in Nepalis remote area

Nepal is famous for extremely beautiful scenery, but poverty and hunger is widespread all over the country vice versa. Especially lack of child education makes situation worse. Alpinist Uhm Hong gil & Jaminkyung employees are doing ‘Human School Project’ to improve these cases. This meaningful relay would be continued as yet.