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Crema Caracol

Crema Caracol is from the cultured snail mucus containing a lot of allantoin, collagen, mucin etc. It’s a natural cosmetic product being shipped more than 3 million pieces all over the world including Japan, Hong Kong, China and so on.

Crema Caballo

Crema Caballo is the natural skincare product containing Jeju horse fat, natural extracts, and peptide complex etc. This is anti-aging line that restores to the younger skin condition with moisturizing components.

Crema Cacao Nips

Crema Cacao is cleanser line that contains cacao’s nutrition and provides micro foam to cleanse blackhead, make-up residue, and fine dust. Hypoallergenic oil gel cleanser gives antioxidative & moisturizing effect.

Gokmul Care

Jaminkyung’s gokmul care is a signature line that was made with long-term experiences and know-hows. Grains contain moisture, nutrition and minerals that help to make skin vitalized, to eliminate the residue and to keep the moisture & oil balance. This is the steady seller that our customers adore.


Le Mien includes vitamin tree extract 1000 ppm. It contains natural vitamin C and E that provide brighter skin tone with antioxidant effect. It promises efficient melanin care with natural extracts and certified ingredients.


Dr. Skinica was made for sensitive skin. We could expect the better results by strengthening skin defensive power and by using minimal formula. Dr. Skinica chose wild centella that was used as a medication since long time ago to soothe troubled area. It proposes the answer to various skin problems.


Loss Zero is a sanitary aid ph5.5 shampoo containing dexpanthenol that strengthens the water barrier of horny layer scalp, salicylic acid that removes bodily waste and L-menthol that mitigates the itchiness. It can help to control the hair loss and thickness of hair.

Power of Nature "Mom Anne Hong Sam"

It is a premium inner beauty line based on Korean ginseng that was elevated Jinsenoside content. Keep your health and beauty with oriental traditional therapy.

Free Mark
Customer First

FREE MARK talks about a quality of product, not just a brand. It observes 3 principals - excellent quality item, genuine price, plain but efficient design - for customers by avoiding token form of brand. It keeps off dumping sales and proposes one-price policy. FREE MARK realizes a ‘Customer first’ priority by accentuating merchandise and client.